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Crossing the USA – Canadian Border in an RV | Motorhome


This was a challenging task to do in our RV and it does require some homework before you make your plans to cross over the USA – Canadian border in your RV.

make sure you have all the necessary documents

We did this with our golden retriever and enjoyed the experience. Keep in mind this was during the end of the “lock-downs” from the COVID-19 pandemic. Just be sure to check the Canadian border crossing website to check the current restrictions and necessary documents needed.

We used:

  • ARRIVECAN App (complete this within 72 hours of your arrival)
  • CVS/MyCHART App (create an account to receive your COVID test results)

We went to CVS COVID Testing Drive-Thru (72 hours before entering CA) REMEMBER: it takes 24-to-48 hours to receive your test results!

DOCUMENTS: We brought our Passports, Drivers License, COVID Vaccination Cards. NO FIREARMS eh!

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