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In this video, we travel up to our NEW Kentucky Compound to take our RV on a MONTH-LONG Adventure! This is what happens when you DON’T Winterize your RV properly.


The RV (2014) Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA, was stored for the last 6 months during the winter and we soon discovered several issues after we arrived in Kentucky.

RV ISSUES after Winter Storage:

– Engine-Chassis Battery was DEAD!

– Water Filter Housing was Cracked-Open from the freezing Temps.

– Aux. Water-Pump Filter Housing was cracked and leaking.

– Cold water fitting to Washer Valve was broken and Leaking.

– PEX Tube under bathroom sink was burst (Leaking)

ALWAYS keep a RV Plumbing Toolbox!

It looks like ALL of our Plumbing in our RV was ½” PEX. PEX Plumbing is EASY to work with and repair IF you have the correct tools and materials on-hand.

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