TESLA Home Charging Options


This is the way I chose to charge our TESLA Model 3. HOME CHARGING | There are several options and this option is the one I prefer because I can take my TESLA Wall Connector with me if I move to another home. TESLA Wall Connector with NEMA 14-50 Plug | Tesla Charger at Home It's nice to have the option...

ORDERING A NEW TESLA | Replacing an ICE vehicle

1   I just purchased a TESLA Model 3 (2022) online and it was really EASY. The Wait-Time is the ONLY disappointing experience. I made some additions to my garage to be able to CHARGE my TESLA once it arrives. You are able to charge your TESLA with a normal 110v household outlet but you'll only gain 3 miles / per...

You’ve GOT MAIL! notify yourself | YoLINK Outdoor Sensor


Today I made my mailbox smart with the YoLINK Outdoor Contact Sensor and paired it with ALEXA, added an Alexa Routine, and now my mailbox tells me when I’ve Got Mail. YOU've got mail! When everyone wonders . . .  YOU have the ability to KNOW! when mail has ARRIVED!  YOLINK and ALEXA devices working together *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s...

The COOLEST Little Compact Oscillating Fan while Camping or RV’ing or ANYWHERE!


In this video, I share with you my newest and favorite compact oscillating fan that comes with a remote control and built-in light. Its compact, foldable and telescopic features make this perfect for RV'ing, and camping. *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing. The links may provide twHomeShow a small commission,...

TESLA | 3D PRINTED mobile SUPERCHARGER | 3D Print Your TESLA Supercharger


I searched through several other 3D models online of this TESLA Super Charger for mobile devices and none of them impressed me. So I designed my own! I wanted a black braided cord and a magnetic end so that it was sleek to store the cable by magnet when not in use. GREAT GIFT Idea for a TESLA Owner. For...

ALL New 3D Printed Smart Compact Terminator with Lighted Stand


Welcome. I am sharing my 3D printed, smart compact Terminator Head with Lighted stand. I created and modified this design within TINKERCAD. This 3D model will house an ALEXA or a Google Assistant device to act as it’s brain. I lighted the eyeball pupils with mini USB RGB LED’s and the stand has a built-in LED nightlight. Have fun creating your smart...

Our MARCH 2023 RV “Shake-Down” Adventure


    Come join us on our 1st RV Adventure this season (March 2023). This is a "Shake-Down" trip to test the new Solar Panels, Lithium Batteries, and Mofi Cellular Router and Antenna. We visit Island Oaks RV Park, FL, Laura S. Walker State Park, GA, and the Palms, Sante Fe RV Resort, FL. * products Some may contain an Amazon Associate’s...

Make Your Tesla Model 3 or Y Look Like a Performance Car with Side Skirts. Install in 40 minutes!


In this video I try to make our TESLA 2022 Model 3 look like a Performance Car by adding Side Skirts. The installation time was about 20 minutes per side. It looks impressive! * Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing. The links may provide twHomeShow a small commission, as an...

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing a Front-Lower-Lip on Your TESLA


Hey TESLA Owners, in this video, I'm sharing my secrets on how to make your TESLA "stand-out" from the many others on the roads today. I am taking you through the process of installing a front-lower-lip or front-splitter on my Wife's TESLA Model 3. These are also available for the TESLA Model Y. * Some products may contain an Amazon...

Increase RV Wifi With The Proxicast Telescopic Antenna Ladder mounted solution for your RV


Hello and welcome, in this video- I'll show you how I mounted an Extendable/Retractable Antenna from our RV ladder (RV LADDER MOUNT Antenna). This RV antenna is a PROXICAST 4G/5G mimo OMNI-DIRECTIONAL antenna. This should help you bring-in stronger cellular connectivity from the cell towers ( T-Mobile, VERIZON, AT&T, etc.). These RV antennas will help bring you stronger cellular connectivity...

Every Tesla should have this | Swivel Screen Bracket | TESLA Model 3 or Model Y | INSTALLATION


Hello, It's another TESLA video. I have installed the TESLA Swivel Screen Bracket and I love it! Works for Model 3 or Model Y. I think you will love it! You will need to make sure you have the proper tools on-hand because some of the "INCLUDED TOOLS" will not suffice! This TESLA Accessory Installation Project is ranked "medium skill-level". This...

tw RV ADVENTURES – Episode #48 | tw RV UPDATES | RV Storage and Organization | Breaking Bad


tw RV ADVENTURES - Episode #48 tw HomeShow | RV Adventures Breaking Bad Episode I've created solutions for making your storage more manageble and organized. I have also created a way to keep your RV drivers/passenger cabin COOLER! with a simple heavy-duty shower curtain. *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing....

TESLA Model 3 Dash Screen | Apple CarPlay and Android Auto | HANSSHOW Installation | AMD Processor

0 Hello and welcome to my installation video of the TESLA Model 3 or Model Y - HANSSHOW 9 inch Dash Touch Screen with CarPlay and Android Auto. You're able to use SIRIUS, PANDORA, WAZE, AMAZON Music, and other CarPlay/Android APPS! INSTALLATION TIME: 25 to 35 minutes This is the installation on a 2022 Model 3LR with the AMD RYZEN processor. You'll...