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Increase RV Wifi With The Proxicast Telescopic Antenna Ladder mounted solution for your RV


Hello and welcome, in this video- I’ll show you how I mounted an Extendable/Retractable Antenna from our RV ladder (RV LADDER MOUNT Antenna). This RV antenna is a PROXICAST 4G/5G mimo OMNI-DIRECTIONAL antenna. This should help you bring-in stronger cellular connectivity from the cell towers ( T-Mobile, VERIZON, AT&T, etc.).

These RV antennas will help bring you stronger cellular connectivity in your RV with the MOFI Routers and are much better than a “weboost” set-up. I am testing, BOTH – the POYNTING RV roof-mounted antenna and the PROXICAST telescopic antenna. From my tests . . . BOTH work VERY WELL!

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The PROXICAST OMNI-DIRECTIONAL 4G/5G MIMO RV antenna works extremely well!

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