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My FEAR of DENTISTS | My Tooth Dental Implant


I’m taking you down the path of my “TOOTH PROBLEM” and maybe some of you can relate in some way.

I have had normal cleanings that were scheduled about every 5 months – apart for the last 10 years. During that time I have had a cracked front tooth patched-up, and maybe one cavity filling. THAT stuff is EASY!! In my teens, I have had some molars extracted and I remember how my anxiety was running RAMPID! I could not hardly handle the anxiety leading-up to the dentist appointment to have the extractions.

About 10 years ago, I had LASER GUM Surgery in order to try and correct my periodontal disease (gums recessing). That was the worst trauma for me – at the time. – AND it took 2 appointments! to complete the procedure!

OH NO! another dental issue

TODAY – I have a tooth (#7) front tooth that has become abscessed-twice, and now I have to make a decision.

– Do I try a Root-Canal, and Bone grafting around it?

– Do I extract it? and do a BRIDGE?

– Do I extract it and Bone-graft, then do a Dental Implant?

ALL of this $hit is complicated and stuff I don’t even want to imagine or discuss . . . BUT, guess what?

I’m going to do it with you! FOLLOW ME on my JOURNEY . . . . DENTAL FEARS!!!!

Be sure to watch my other videos explaining the whole entire process of my tooth implant procedure.

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