TESLA Home Charging Options


This is the way I chose to charge our TESLA Model 3. HOME CHARGING | There are several options and this option is the one I prefer because I can take my TESLA Wall Connector with me if I move to another home. TESLA Wall Connector with NEMA 14-50 Plug | Tesla Charger at Home It's nice to have the option...

ORDERING A NEW TESLA | Replacing an ICE vehicle

1   I just purchased a TESLA Model 3 (2022) online and it was really EASY. The Wait-Time is the ONLY disappointing experience. I made some additions to my garage to be able to CHARGE my TESLA once it arrives. You are able to charge your TESLA with a normal 110v household outlet but you'll only gain 3 miles / per...

You’ve GOT MAIL! notify yourself | YoLINK Outdoor Sensor


Today I made my mailbox smart with the YoLINK Outdoor Contact Sensor and paired it with ALEXA, added an Alexa Routine, and now my mailbox tells me when I’ve Got Mail. YOU've got mail! When everyone wonders . . .  YOU have the ability to KNOW! when mail has ARRIVED!  YOLINK and ALEXA devices working together *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s...

Very BRIGHT LED Lights | Screw into existing socket


I love the Bright LED light I get from these Craftersmark LED screw-in lights. I give you 2-examples in my video of different areas I used them. This should be able to provide you good examples for you to determine if they will work for you in your situation. *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links...

RV Adventures | 2023| State Parks | RV Gadgets and Accessories


We went on a little RV Adventure in July 2023. We stayed at 3 different State Parks. O'Leno State Park in Florida, Seminole State Park in Georgia, and Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida. We also tried out some other gadgets on our travels. I hope you enjoy! *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT...

TESLA Wheel Spacers for a WIDER STANCE!


YES. Wheel spacer size matters, in my opinion. I installed the 20mm wheel spacers on my TESLA Model S and love the new look! The spacers are 20mm and they equal to approximately 3/4 inch space. This will widen your wheel/tire stance on your TESLA (Model S, Model X, or Model 3). I might want to try the 25mm...

I ADDED ECHO Auto to my TESLA Model 3 and Model S


I'm happy to say that I have installed ALEXA echo auto (gen 2) in our Tesla Model S and our Tesla Model 3. This makes our TESLA'S even smarter! I was disappointed when I was driving my new Model S and I couldn't listen to my podcasts from Spotify in the car without a monthly subscription to Spotify. I...

Repair your broken outlet or switch box


I'll show you how to repair your broken switch or outlet box in this video. I'll show you how to repair your broken switch or outlet box in this video. *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing. The links may provide twHomeShow a small commission, as an associate. My reviews, explanations,...

What Did I Do? | Will I LOVE it or REGRET it? | I SOLD MY CAR | Delivery Day


Hey there, Thank you for joining me on this exciting day. I SOLD my 2015 Corvette Z51 Stingray last week. Today I reveal the replacement. You probably - already guessed that I replaced my corvette with a TESLA. But what model? This was my TESLA Model S Delivery Day! Yes. I replaced my 2015 Corvette with a 2018 TESLA Model...

The BEST Security Camera for your RV


Hello Viewers and RV'ers, Today I was in the middle of a project on my RV and thought this would be a good topic or subject to share with my fellow SUBSCRIBERS and RV Viewers. I installed a 4G Cellular - SOLAR Security Camera to my RV in order to monitor my RV from anywhere around the world. I...

SMART LED SOLAR FLOODLIGHT | Bright Floodlight on Motion Detection *ONFORU*


I’m really loving my new solar floodlights by ONFORU. They were super easy and quick to mount to my house. I love that I have TOTAL adjustment controls for the floodlights on my smartphone. Of course, these are waterproof and weatherproof. The 540 LED’s can be fully adjusted to whatever brightness or color tone you want. These can also...

The COOLEST Little Compact Oscillating Fan while Camping or RV’ing or ANYWHERE!


In this video, I share with you my newest and favorite compact oscillating fan that comes with a remote control and built-in light. Its compact, foldable and telescopic features make this perfect for RV'ing, and camping. *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing. The links may provide twHomeShow a small commission,...

TESLA | 3D PRINTED mobile SUPERCHARGER | 3D Print Your TESLA Supercharger


I searched through several other 3D models online of this TESLA Super Charger for mobile devices and none of them impressed me. So I designed my own! I wanted a black braided cord and a magnetic end so that it was sleek to store the cable by magnet when not in use. GREAT GIFT Idea for a TESLA Owner. For...