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3D PRINTED | Rotating FORD Sign | Motorized 3D Print


Hello, this is my 3D Printed Rotating FORD Sign. In this video I will show you how easy this is to print and assemble with an added motor and cord and a little dab of glue to hold the nut into the bottom of the FORD logo sign.

This is one of my larger 3D Prints and it has impressive results! Within a day or two you can 3D Print and build one of these for yourself 🙂

I’ve shared the (.stl) print files in the links below, as well as the silicone glue I used, the filament colors, and the (MAGIC) motor that spins 3 RPM!

I have designed this 3D Printed sign within TINKERCAD.com and it turned out quite amazing because it’s a sign with motion!

I 3D Printed parts of this sign on BOTH, the Creality CRS10 Pro and the Delta printer, ANYCUBIC D (Predator). Any 3D printer that will print this size, will do!

The Paint pens work really well and save you the time and hassle of clean-up! __________________________________________________________

3D PRINT FILES ARE HERE: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:379…

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