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3D PRINTED | SMART Terminator Head VERSION 2 with ALEXA built-in!


This is my newest 3D Printed Terminator T800 Head.

VERSION 2 It’s Smart and lighted. Powered by ALEXA.

Yes, it has a brain 🙂 The smart LED lights are very cool and recommended for this 3D print because I like to set the GOVEE LED lights into MUSIC-Mode and that will make your Terminator head react to all sounds….It’s kind-of-like it’s ALIVE!

PRINT TIMES: at 100% – The Head takes approx. 2 days and 4 hours

The Skull-Top takes approx. 15 hours

If you reduce the size down to 80%, you will be able to print both at once on the bed if you have a Creality CR10sPro bed.

This will take 1 day and 9 hours.

Have a conversation in your room, play your music on the ALEXA dot, and just watch as your 3D Terminator head reacts in real-time with it’s built-in LED’s.


3D Model STL files AVAILABLE AT: Thingiverse below https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:372…

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