3D Printing a LED Infinity Mirror


I hope you ENJOY this video on the 3D PRINTED – INFINITY Mirror. I was able to create my design within TINKERCAD.com. I researched and determined the other products I would need to make this project successful. 3D Printed infinity mirror is an impressive project I will leave the links to the other products I used in order to complete this...

REPLACING my RV Refrigerator | D.I.Y. | INSTALL an RV Refrigerator | TIFFIN Open Road 36LA


Hello and Welcome . . . In this video I will show you how I replaced my RV refrigerator in my Class A Motorhome (2014 TIFFIN Open Road 36LA). The most difficult task was REMOVING the old refrigerator. But, it wasn't that difficult after I cut it IN-HALF! https://youtu.be/iRY1pJO02jA *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links...

Remove your RV/Motorhome Refrigerator | How can you REPLACE your RV Refrigerator?


Hey there everyone, I did something STUPID. . . . I drilled through our RV refrigerator and leaked Freon. NOW WHAT? Having a RV repair facility could be costly, so I thought about the many ways we could go-about replacing the RV refrigerator ourselves. The RV refrigerator was about 28" depth with the doors removed . . . but...

Crossing the USA – Canadian Border in an RV | Motorhome


This was a challenging task to do in our RV and it does require some homework before you make your plans to cross over the USA - Canadian border in your RV. make sure you have all the necessary documents We did this with our golden retriever and enjoyed the experience. Keep in mind this was during the end of the...

Zigbee LED Smart Light Bulbs with ALEXA Groups | How to Create ALEXA Groups


I’ll show you how I added the SENGLED Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs to my ALEXA and Created Groups within the ALEXA APP to control Multiple Smart Light Bulbs. *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing. The links may provide twHomeShow a small commission, as an associate. My reviews, explanations and uses...

You’ve GOT MAIL! notify yourself | YoLINK Outdoor Sensor


Today I made my mailbox smart with the YoLINK Outdoor Contact Sensor and paired it with ALEXA, added an Alexa Routine, and now my mailbox tells me when I’ve Got Mail. YOU've got mail! When everyone wonders . . .  YOU have the ability to KNOW! when mail has ARRIVED!  YOLINK and ALEXA devices working together *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s...

RV ISSUES | RV Water Leaks | RV Battery | RV PEX Tube Plumbing | WINTERIZE Your RV!


In this video, we travel up to our NEW Kentucky Compound to take our RV on a MONTH-LONG Adventure! This is what happens when you DON'T Winterize your RV properly. The RV (2014) Tiffin Allegro Open Road 36LA, was stored for the last 6 months during the winter and we soon discovered several issues after we arrived in Kentucky....

My FEAR of DENTISTS | My Tooth Dental Implant


I'm taking you down the path of my "TOOTH PROBLEM" and maybe some of you can relate in some way. I have had normal cleanings that were scheduled about every 5 months - apart for the last 10 years. During that time I have had a cracked front tooth patched-up, and maybe one cavity filling. THAT stuff is EASY!! In...

Make your Home Smarter with Automations


It's pretty impressive to just yell-out a command to your Amazon Echo/Alexa device and have a light turn-on or off, or music start to play. But face it, in todays day and age a smarthome should be smart than shouting-out commands. A smarthome would know if you walked into a room or open a certain door that you may want...

Home Fireplace Entertainment Room/Walls | Part 1 | Installing Built-in TV Lift | SWITCHbot


Hello everyone, this is my PART 1 of a SERIES – ENTERTAINMENT WALLS | Home Theater Room. I know, most people only have ONE wall to deal with - But this video may be able to show you multiple ways to accomplish your GREAT ENTERTAINMENT Center Wall! This is PART 1. I installed a built-in TV Lift System as...