Smart Wall Switch (no wiring) with Alexa


I’ll show you how I added the ThirdReality Zigbee Gen 3 Smart Wall Switch. Works with ALEXA and Smart Routines! NO wiring is involved with installing the Smart Wall Switch. EASY INSTALLATION. A simplified way to make your home or apartment smarter - NO WIRING! *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links DO NOT affect your Amazon pricing. The links...

TESLA Home Charging Options


This is the way I chose to charge our TESLA Model 3. HOME CHARGING | There are several options and this option is the one I prefer because I can take my TESLA Wall Connector with me if I move to another home. TESLA Wall Connector with NEMA 14-50 Plug | Tesla Charger at Home It's nice to have the option...

Our 1st RV | Camping experience of 2022


What can I say, the fuel prices are out-of-this-world at this time but we managed to get out in our RV for the first time this year (May 2022). We had a great time especially because of the repairs and improvements/upgrades we made to our RV during the off-season. The improvements were: New Residencial Refrigerator Installed Front Safe-T-Steer Install Front...

Smart LANDSCAPE Lighting | with YOLINK


Make your landscape lighting smart with Yolink Smart Control devices! BUY THE PRODUCTS (below) ______________________________ SUNVIE 12W Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights with Connectors | Smart Outdoor Plug YoLink 1/4 Mile World's Longest Range Smart Plug Work w/Alexa | YoLink Smart Outdoor Motion Detector | smart outdoor landscape lighting adds to your home's night experience! This project took me a day to complete...

ORDERING A NEW TESLA | Replacing an ICE vehicle


I just purchased a TESLA Model 3 (2022) online and it was really EASY. The Wait-Time is the ONLY disappointing experience. I made some additions to my garage to be able to CHARGE my TESLA once it arrives. You are able to charge your TESLA with a normal 110v household outlet but you'll only gain 3 miles / per...

Touring My PAST on ZILLOW | What is your Home Value or ZESTIMATE?


I'm just sharing my ZILLOW Tour with you today. Home renovations and up-keeping can help you maintain the VALUE of your house. Join me today as I EXPLORE a BLAST FROM THE PAST! A BLAST FROM THE PAST! 1993 | My first home in Seminole, FLORIDA 2001 | Second home purchase in Largo, FLORIDA 2008 | Third home purchase in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA 2013...

SPEAKER HUB by Yolink | Smart Speaker for Smart YOLINK Devices!


The Yolink SPEAKER hub makes for a great addition to my smarthome. I hope you see some of the benefits of the Yolink Speaker hub within my video. The Yolink devices are VERY dependable because they use the LoRA wireless technology and this technology allows for low battery consumption along with long-rang wireless connectivity. They are ultimately the MOST...

3D Printing a LED Infinity Mirror


I hope you ENJOY this video on the 3D PRINTED – INFINITY Mirror. I was able to create my design within I researched and determined the other products I would need to make this project successful. 3D Printed infinity mirror is an impressive project I will leave the links to the other products I used in order to complete this...

REPLACING my RV Refrigerator | D.I.Y. | INSTALL an RV Refrigerator | TIFFIN Open Road 36LA


Hello and Welcome . . . In this video I will show you how I replaced my RV refrigerator in my Class A Motorhome (2014 TIFFIN Open Road 36LA). The most difficult task was REMOVING the old refrigerator. But, it wasn't that difficult after I cut it IN-HALF! *Some products may contain an Amazon Associate’s Link. These links...

Remove your RV/Motorhome Refrigerator | How can you REPLACE your RV Refrigerator?


Hey there everyone, I did something STUPID. . . . I drilled through our RV refrigerator and leaked Freon. NOW WHAT? Having a RV repair facility could be costly, so I thought about the many ways we could go-about replacing the RV refrigerator ourselves. The RV refrigerator was about 28" depth with the doors removed . . . but...