Screened Patio Enclosure Addition: Completed

By on December 3, 2015
This is of our screened patio addition to our house but the patio with pavers has already been installed. We are ready and have been anticipating the screen crew to come and build the screened in framing to finish off this screened patio of ours that looks back onto the lake out back of our property.
We chose the Brown-Bronze screened framing in our to blend-in with the backyard nature instead of the old white “Bird-Cage” framing.

It was really an accomplishment to find a reliable company to install a 2-story insulated solid roof at 2- stories high. Most of the companies we tried to get an estimate from said they didn’t want to do it, and you’ll never believe their reason why . . .

Multiple screening companies, not just one, said they would not even provide me an estimate because the roof (at 2-stories) was too high. They told me they would not install it because it would be comparable to “Holding an umbrella up above your head 2 stories and expecting to be dry of any rain falling down”. HAHA can you believe that? Of course an umbrella of even 6 foot radius would allow some rain to come into you at 2 stories high (20 feet above).

The design was to be 2 stories high (20W x 40L feet) of covered roof that extended 12 foot beyond another 10 foot covered housing roof that will give us a total of 22W FOOT x 40L FOOT  of covered patio.

We would have to be in a hurricane situation before the “entire under-covered area” be rained-on!

Enjoy the short movie below of the First Day of the installation of the roof, framing and screening.

View the completion of the Screened Patio Addition project here:



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