Planning Your Home Network

By on December 2, 2013

home-wireless-networkBefore you even start your home networking project you’ll have to sort out your options.  You want to decide how you use your networked devices in your home as well as where you use your networked devices with-in your home.

There are a couple different ways you’ll wish to use your networked devices, such as wired or wireless. First, make a simple list of ALL of the devices that will be using your home network.



Here’s a list for a demanding household (below):

  • Office Desktop Computer (Quantity = 2 one for me and one for my wife)
  • Laptops (2)
  • Tablets (2-3) depending if we have family staying with us.
  • Smartphones (2-4) depending if we have family staying with us.
  • ip Security Cameras (6-10)
  • Streaming On-Demand TV’s (3)
  • Misc. ip Devices (3-4) Such as ip Wireless Garage Door, wireless Hue Lighting, wireless Door Entry Locking.

After you’ve compiled your list of Networking Devices, you’ll want to establish where these devices are going to be located or used with-in your home. Such as the office will have your desktop PC, family room will probably be the location for your Smart TV, plus you may want to have some security devices like ip cameras or wireless door locks.  The wired network devices will be your main priority to start your plan.

Design-Plans-sketch-network-wirelessThen you should make a sketch of where your wired devices will be located with-in your home. This will help you have a better understanding of how to incorporate your wireless devices! Your wireless devices are going to need a wireless router that is centrally located within your home. If this is not possible you may have to add a wireless repeater device or an extended wireless access point to distant locations in your house where you may have weak wireless reception.

I recommend you sketch-out a plan so you don’t leave anything out by mistake.  Just seeing your plan on paper will help you make better decisions on the preparation, design and hook-up of ALL of the network devices needed and where to best place them.


For more information about NETWORK SET-UP please visit my article:  Todd’s Home Network for PC’s, Tablets, Smartphones, IP Camera Security and Phillips Hue Lighting

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