Phantom 3: Learning Waypoints

By on March 6, 2016

Phantom 3:  Learning how to use WAYPOINTS to create an autonomous flight track

Waypoints-coverPic-1Ok, I’ve had my Phantom 3 for a few weeks now and I want to discover more that it has to offer so I am going to show you my learning experience with the “Waypoints” feature.

I’m sure there are many other YouTube videos on performing this feature of “Waypoints” but it’s always nice seeing an amature performing a unique feature such as this on a product that costs around $800…hahaha

It was basically pretty easy, although I prefer to go on learning flights like this with NO wind involved because I am still an amature at this whole drone flying.

Everything seemed to perform as expected and I was pretty amazed by the results.

I have 2 videos on this subject of DJI Waypoints. One is with my screen recording and initially setting the waypoints, and the other is with an HD flight recording of RE-Flying the preset waypoints. Both videos are awesome . . . so take a look below.

The only thing I was confused about with DJI waypoints was while I ended the waypoints it gave you several options for the camera position and I thought I picked the “Free Form” camera setting so that when I go perform this flight waypoint I would be able to fully control the Phantom and camera angles.

LEARNING how to use DJI Phantom 3 Waypoints:

The video quality on this is lower because this was ALL screen recording.


How to Re-FLY Waypoints with the DJI Phantom 3:


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