Packing Materials For Moving: What You’ll Need

By on November 28, 2013

packing-boxesWhen preparing for my move I planned well in advance. I made my self a checklist of moving items we would need in order to make our move a smooth one.

Here’s a sample of my moving materials checklist:



  • Packing Boxes.  Large Medium and Small. You’ll need all sorts of sizes to fit all sorts of household goods. Remember not to pack too many heavy items into a Large size box. It will either be to heavy to lift or possibly fall apart during the move. I found all sorts of customized packing boxes online that helped me organize and fit all of our different items. Such as wardrobe boxes, kitchen ware boxes that come with dish and glasses dividers. I also purchased many file boxes. These were a perfect size to comfortably carry many items especially our office files and most everything within our office drawers.


  •  Packing Tape.  This is a MUST-HAVE!  Heavy duty clear packing tape is best. Don’t forget to  purchase a handheld tape dispenser.




  • Box Cutting Knife.  This will come in handy when you need to make custom size boxes, and cutting cardboard to protect over sized, odd shaped items.


  • Large Sheets of Cardboard.  I found myself using large cardboard sheets to protect the TV screens as well as other odd shaped items that didn’t fit into my packing boxes. You can make your own sheets of cardboard by cutting apart some of your large packing boxes.


  • Bubble Wrap.  Bubble wrap will help protect valuables, glass household items, ceramic decorations, etc.  I used some bubble wrap around some of my electronics. A cheaper version of bubble wrap is old newspapers (crumpled-up).



  • Sharpie Markers.  I like to use the wide sharpie because it helps you make a large readable title on your packing boxes.  Trust me…don’t just pack all of your stuff into boxes without labeling them!  You must label all of your packing boxes in order to know where to place them for easy unpacking in your new home.  Otherwise you’ll end up with a pile of boxes in your new garage and you’ll find yourself cutting open every box to see what’s inside. Or you’ll move over to your new house and find that it’s dinner time and all you need to find is your can opener. . . where is it?  If this happens with unlabeled boxes, trust me, just order a pizza!


  ZipLock Baggies.  I’ve found having ZipLock baggies available while packing certain items,      helps keep every little thing in neat order. For instance, I used them when packing away smaller  bathroom items, screws and hardware I had to remove from furniture, and assorted kitchen-  ware items.



  • Clear Plastic Stretch Wrap.  This can help protect and wrap lots of different things.  I used this when I taped a blanket over my big screen TV, and used this plastic stretch-wrap to really hold it all together during the move. This stuff works great!

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