Open Mesh Network: Access Points

By on March 25, 2015
Open Mesh Access Point

I highly recommend the OPEN MESH Access Point for your home or small business!My network station

I have this system in my new home. I have 4 Open Mesh – Access Points and have wonderful WiFi reception through-out my home incorporating a 16-port gigabyte switch and POE data switch (see my system, I bought a wall rack-mount and mounted it in a walk-in closet). I have my Open Mesh access points wired (POE) to this as well as over 10 POE – IP Security Cameras! It’s really quite simple for the basic DIY project.


For ALL of my IP security cameras, I have them recording motion and live feed from a dedicated computer in my office running BLUE IRIS Camera Software and you can try it out for FREE by downloading the FREE trial HERE!


I learned about this product and all of the related accessories through the following video, I have posted below…

Watch the video and then see my links below for more informative direct links to find and review and PURCHASE this fine product!


SHOP and REVIEW:  Open Mesh Products and other Router and Access Points


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