MoCA Network Adapter: Extend Your Network Over Coax Cable

By on December 11, 2013

Network Devices over Coax

In the brand new home we recently purchased, I noticed the home wasn’t pre-wired with CAT5 (or CAT6) Networking cables throughout any part on the home. Being that I’m a Computer Geek, when I found this out, I was floored! I instantly started scouring the internet for possible solutions.


For ALL the Non-Computer Geeks:  Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s discuss why I would want CAT5 Network Cables with ports throughout my home (just like cable-coax). To start, we all know being directly connected to a broadband network by a cord is the best and fastest possible connection you can have. That should be enough of an explanation, but I’ll keep going. Most households have Smart TV’s now and in order to stream any services over your Smart TV such as, Netflix, VUDU Movies, or any other internet app services, you’ll need to be connected by a direct CAT5 Network cord or wireless to you home cable provider’s (Comcast, Verizon FIOS, Brighthouse) router.

Here’s an Example:  If you’ve ever tried to watch a Netflix movie streaming over wireless to your Smart TV from your cable provider’s router, you probably know there can be times when the streaming of your movie cannot keep up and you’ll notice some pauses within your movie. This is because you are not directly connected by a CAT5 Network cable to your home network provider’s router. What’s really frustrating is if your playing games on your gaming console (wireless) and it stutters on you in the middle of game-play!

Another example is if your home is larger than the wireless router’s range provided by your broadband internet provider, you’ll most likely want to add another wireless access point in a further area of your home. The best way to do that is by direct connection to your provider’s router. This is when the Actiontec MoCA Adapter Kit (ECB2500C) comes in very handy!

This concept is basically routing Internet-Media Network cable signals over COAX Cables.  



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