LED Household Light Bulbs: YES!

By on April 20, 2015
LED Light Bulb Savings

ILED Light Bulb Savings am finally convinced that a successful new wave of lighting has been perfected!

At least enough to provide us with substantial savings related to a reasonable cost of the product.

The LED Light Bulb is finally here to help us ALL save money on our monthly electric bill and I really think it’s here to stay, unlike the unsuccessful CFL (Compact Florescent Light) Light bulbs.

We’ve recently made the change in our household of transitioning every light bulb in the house from incandescent or CFL (Compact Florescent Light) to the new LED light bulbs.

Here are my thoughts and results:

First of all, there can be many different sizes of bulbs you will need as well as different brightness or wattage that you will need or want in every light fixture in your house. I started out by walking around the house and making a list of these different sizes and brightness and counts of bulbs that we would need for every lighting fixture. I mean every fixture from the ceiling lights to the hanging lamps, to the table lamps, as well as all of the outdoor home mounted entry lamps.

In my case I came up with about 4 different LED bulb sizes and brightness/wattage’s that we would need to do the entire home.

The next thing I did was sit down with my tablet and started to price shop as well as investigate online, the many different choices of LED light bulbs that I had to choose from. Here are a couple of places to start: AMAZON, GOOGLE, BING

These are a couple of LED Light Bulbs that I ended up purchasing:E27 3W 210lm Globe LED Mini Ball Bulbs Energy Saving Lamps AC100-240VTCP LBR301027KND6 LED BR30 - 65 Watt Equivalent Soft White (2700K) Flood Light Bulb



The first thing I noticed, after replacing out our ceiling “Can Light Bulbs” from the CFL to the LED Light Bulbs, was that when I switched the light switch on with the new LED bulbs, they were INSTANTLY ON with FULL brightness! UNLIKE the CFL light bulbs that start-up dim and reach full brightness after a couple of minutes.

The brands of LED light bulbs I picked were TCP and LJYLED.

I used the littler LJYLED LED lightbulbs for all of my ceiling fixtures and even the table lamps. These little LED Bulbs put out ONLY 3Watts of power with the equivalent of  a regular 40 to 45 Watt incandescent light bulb. What? are you kidding me? ONLY 3Watts compared to my old 45Watts each!!!

I used the larger TCP LED ceiling light bulbs to replace all of the ceiling fixtures bulbs. These LED light bulbs only put out 9.8Watts of power with the equivalent of a 65Watt incandescent light bulb. What? Again, are you kidding me?

LEDBULBS1 LEDBULBS2 LEDBULBS3 LEDBULBS4How much did I spend? How much did it cost me to replace every light bulb in my house, you ask.

Well first, we have to put this into perspective so that you can calculate the savings you may have by making the transformation of replacing all of the light bulbs in your house and replacing them with LED light bulbs as I have done.

  • My Home Square Footage is 3900
  • My Total Quantity of LED bulbs purchased was approx. 110.
  • I purchased approximately 4 different variations of LED light bulbs for around my house.
  • Keep in mind, the new LED light bulbs are projected to last up to 18 years each.
The cost of my LED Light Bulb purchases was $1000.00

 THE RESULTS!  $225 in savings

After replacing ALL of my light bulbs with LED light bulbs, my first month’s electric bill was reduced by $225!

 Now we can do the math….

  • $1000 is the total cost of the LED bulbs for the entire home, divided by the quantity of 110 LED bulbs equals $9.09, an average cost of each bulb
  • A savings of $225 a month will take approximately 4.5 months to pay for themselves.


 NOW, Let’s take it one step further…

If the LED Bulbs last approximately 18 years, as advertised, I should have a savings on my electric bill through 18 years of approximately $47,475. That’s $2700 SAVINGS a year! 

Do I need to say anything more? How about we do the percentages of savings? 

Let’s do it!

 I figure I am saving approximately 30% off of every monthly electric bill.

But, remember, you have to change EVERY light bulb out. Not just a few!


Watch our exclusive guest video from Lighting Answers below for an in-depth LED light bulb comparison.

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