Keyless Door Entry Locks

By on March 25, 2015
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There are so many new household products coming out on the market today that make our life easier! This article is all about the home entry lock that has transformed into a key-less device with some devices even wireless and operational with your smartphone or computer from miles away.

I’m sure our kids, years from now, will look back at this article and think, “Why would you carry clunky keys around in your pocket for everywhere you have a lock?”.

We’re going to go through an overview of some of the most unique key-less entry door locks. Some will be wireless/internet controllable and others will be affordable non-internet connected devices.

If you’re like me, I like to make every use I can out of my smartphone so these locks operated by my smartphone just make my life easier! I just wish ALL of these home product manufacturers would get on the same page as far as integrating home products with the internet and smartphones so that you don’t have to have a different app for every, individual product….uugghhh. My guess is both Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) will make this happen in the near future, hopefully.


SHOP and REVIEW:  Keyless Entry Door Locks


schlage touchscreenThe first device is the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt entry lock and you can review my article on this one HERE.

I own 2 of these schlage touchscreen door locks and have them installed on my current home. I really like the touchscreen, as it shows as a modern touch on my doors and impresses the guests! The installation was very easy as a DIY project. The part of installation that required the instruction manual was the programming of the entry code, but that was fairly simple as well.

> SCHLAGE Touchscreen Reviews & Purchase HERE



From your smartphone to your car, you want advanced technology that makes life simpler. Technology that can keep up with everything life throws at it. With Schlage Connect, we’ve brought that level of thinking to your door locks.

Schlage Connect combines all of our best security features into one lock—redefining what it means to be secure. With a sleek, modern touchscreen, you have the convenience of going keyless and no longer having keys to lose, hide, carry or forget. The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen ensures numbers won’t be detectable to intruders after repeated use—safeguarding your home even more. And thanks to Z-Wave Technology, Schlage Connect gives you advanced remote management capabilities and compatibility with home monitoring systems—letting you run your home from anywhere.

Schlage Connect lives up to its name—it truly is a lock for the connected age. With so many advanced features, this isn’t just a lock. It’s the lock, loaded.


Schlage Connect is BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified, the highest residential rating. Built from high-quality materials, this keyless deadbolt gives you the highest level of security at the main point of entry. Additionally, Schlage Connect comes with a built-in audible alarm sensor that alerts you to activity at the door. You can select between three alert modes—activity, tamper, or forced entry—providing alerts from first contact with door or handle to when the door is opened. Quickly and easily cycle between three settings simply by pressing a button on the lock.

What’s In the Box:

  • Schlage Connect Deadbolt
  • One Back-Up Key
  • Four AA Batteries
  • User Guide
  • Installation Instructions


Overview & Review Videos:

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