Installing New Flooring: Tile Floor Project

By on April 17, 2015
Floor Tile-Carpet

Hello and welcome to my latest project. FLOORING.

Although I am not actually going to be removing and installing the new floors in our house myself, I thought I’d give you the perspective of an average homeowner hiring out for a project needed in the household. Don’t get me wrong, I will still have to be involved in some of the work, as far as making a smart design choice, interviewing and lining-up estimates from local flooring sales and installers, and preparing for the removal of our existing floors. It’s not easy, as I’m sure you know or about to find out.

Some of our tile samples. We didn't go with any of these, actually.SELECTING YOUR FLOORING: CARPET, TILE, WOOD, or LAMINATE CHOICE

How do you choose?

Selecting your choice of flooring can be one of the most difficult steps and a lot of people can’t even get beyond this step. This is understandable because many factors are involved. Especially if it has to be a mutual decision between couples. Because everyone has a different taste in design and there are so many options! As you can see from the video below of my wife and I trying to come to a mutual decision…..


I’m just going to explain how my wife and I made our choices, and luckily we have similar tastes and can compromise for the most part… we decided on choosing tile floors for our main living areas of our household due to us having 3 golden receiver doggies living with us as our four legged family members. Due to the existing mixed flooring of carpet and tile that was inherited to us in this home we purchased in December 2015, we had to make a choice of shampooing the carpet every other weekend or replacing it with something more “Doggie Friendly” such as tile through-out.Pet friendly floors

So, we decided on tile and we also decided on the newer “Wood-Look” tile since we couldn’t or shouldn’t have real wood floors with our doggies (they would scratch it up). I searched the internet for local tile and flooring sales stores that we could visit to get some information and sample from. Most flooring stores will provide you with a free sample to take home. So we brought home a few samples we liked and then we scoured the internet to find the sample we liked for the lowest price!

When we found the lowest price on-line for the tile and found the lowest estimate for installation, we were able to negotiate the tile price with our local installer.

That’s how you do it. . . Because we were able to find the same tile on-line for $2 less per square foot, and that really adds-up in savings!

Refin-LARIX-Sun 6x30inch< Here’s the “Wood Look” Tile we chose and this is the name of the tile: Larix Refin – SUN

If you’re interested, this tile can be found on the internet > HERE <

FLOORING VIDEO – INTRO:  The week before the removal of our old flooring.

Carpet removal, tile removal. But before that we need to make preparations like moving out our furniture and protecting our home goods from tile removal dust! WATCH THE INTRO VIDEO

FLOORING VIDEO 1: The First Day of Our Flooring Project

Ok, it’s the end of day one, Demolition Day! (May 4th, 2015) Our flooring contractors arrived on time and put in a full days work. They almost accomplished their goal of completely tearing out and removing ALL of the existing floors (carpet & tile). They informed me it would be minimal work to complete the next morning and then they would begin laying the new tile soon after that tomorrow.


FLOORING VIDEO 2: New Tile is Almost Done

Today is the end of Thursday and the installers started on Monday. Progress is being made with the tile installation as you can see in the video below. I’m really liking our tile choice of the Larix Refin/Sun tile. This video shows the approximately 2000 square foot of space we were having tile installed, with about 3 quarters of the installation done. The grout has not been installed yet but you’ll get a good idea of how it’s coming along. 


Stay tuned for the next follow-up video! 



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