HUBSAN 501S Drone: Review

By on July 8, 2016

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July 7th, 2016

I just got my Hubsan 501S drone with FPV handheld controller.

Hubsan H501SThis is my first flight. Actually the 2nd flight because I discovered that the SD card has to be a good brand or specific brand and size for the video to capture on the drone.

I originally had a PNY 128GB U1 XCI High Performance SD card in it and it would not record my video or photos. I ended up resorting to a SanDisk Ultra 32GB U1 HCI SD card and this one worked great!

I also bench tested a PNY High Performance 32GB U1 HCI SD card and this worked as well, so I guess it doesn’t like the XCI SD cards.

I noticed on take-off you should accelerate upward in a quickly manner because the copter wants to drift to the side, horizontally while lifting from the ground and this may have your copter catching some grass and possibly flipping over. I’ll experiment some more in the future with adjusting the trim, this may correct that issue.

You’ll notice I set in a landing pad into my backyard for my backyard/lake drone flights. I purchased this Fibre-Concrete pad from Amazon. It is a 36 inch x 36 inch square pad and it makes for a great take-off and landing spot for any drone!

FIRMWARE for the 501S: I upgraded the firmware for my 501S immediately after receiving the drone because of other videos I have watched. The firmware is: 1.1.17 and it is working perfectly for me so far. You can find the firmware at

The 501S performed great with holding altitude and hands-off the controller. It also maneuvered quickly and responded quickly with my actions on the controller. Very impressed!

The video is 1080 HD and it seems really good. The only thing it lacks is a gimble for the camera, as it is built into the front of the 501S drone. I’ll let you be the judge of the quality of video by watching for yourself, but you have to admit when the 501S drone is standing still, it looks really good!

I tested landing the 501S on my new landing pad (from Amazon) and it seems when the 501S is close to the ground, it wants to drift back-and-forth, which makes it difficult to make a smooth landing on a 36 x 36 inch landing pad.

As soon as I get a few more successful flights over land, I’ll take it up and over my lake. I just want to make sure there are no flaky issues with the 501S and it’s communication with the controller and GPS. But, so far- so good!

As soon as I get my long-range antenna’s installed on this Hubsan controller, I’ll take it on a flight OVER the lake. I just want to make sure there is no issue with range or loss of communication while fling out over the lake.

I’ll also perform a “Return-To-Home” test in a later video posting and a “Follow-Me” test video as well. SUBSCRIBE to my channel for future updates!

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