How to Port Forward an IP Security Camera: Easy DIY Instructions!

By on March 27, 2015

So, you’re having trouble seeing your ip security camera from outside of your home network?

Yeah, I had that problem too. Fortunately it’s an easy fix and I’ll show you how!

Below is an older video I had from another website I developed (www. It is an easy “How-To” video of how to port forward any ip camera through many routers. Although your router may not be an Actiontec/Verizon FIOS router, it will be similar instructions that you should be able to follow and figure out within your own router’s administrative panel.


UNDERSTANDING Port Forwarding and the Steps Involved in Viewing Your IP Security Camera on a Smartphone or Tablet APP or Computer OUTSIDE of Your Home Network:

The Simple Understanding Steps . . .

  • You will need to setup your IP Security Camera as a “FIXED IP Address” (NOT Obtain IP from DHCP Server) and provide a PORT number, NOT 80 which is the default (any number you want from 1024-1099)
  • Set up Port Forwarding within your home router administrative settings (see the video BELOW)
  • Go to this website and create a FREE account:
  • Create a “Hosts/Redirects” domain name after you create your account with “”.
  • After you create this Domain Name with “” you can use this name to connect with your IP Security Camera outside of your Home Network!
  • You will simply use the Domain Name you selected and setup from “” followed by a colon symbol (:) and your PORT number of any of your ip Security Cameras. (NOTE: You don’t need a separate Domain Name for every different ip Security Camera in your home) the PORT Number will specify which camera you wish to access.
  • Your new ip Security Camera address will be something like this:

ALTERNATIVE Method . . . If you didn’t understand the method above . . . you can use this alternative method.

  • Search in your web browser . . . “What Is My IP”.
  • You will get an IP address (something like to your Home or Small Business IP Address and it will be something different from your home network address (home network addresses are something like, or
  • To access your ip camera take the “What Is My IP” address and add the (:) followed by the port number for your ip camera. Like this . . .

The only problem with this method is your cable/internet provider may change your IP Address from time-to-time and if that happens, you will have to find your new IP Address and change it to the new one. That is why the FIRST Method is recommended, will automatically monitor those changes and update it to your “Host/Domain Name” that you created within their website.


I hope that I’ve explained that clearly for you to understand . . . NOW you can watch the VIDEO:

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