How do I embed 360 / Panoramic photos to my website?

By on June 13, 2016

I found out how to easily post or embed my 360 panoramic photos to a website or blog with a simple embed code provided by a few different providers or hosting services for 360/panoramic photos….

This one here is provided by:

You’ll have to upload at least 2 photos, as it only appears that they provide a tour embedded script, and not single photos to embed. But as you can see it provides a nice layout to show family and friends as well as for business purposes.

I really like the “Spinattic” because it starts spinning your 360 photo so that visitors can see that you can easily move through the 360 photo and that it’s not a still stationary photo. It also allows you to zoom-in and out!

If you’re like me and just purchased a 360/panoramic camera or have taken panoramic photos with your Android or iOS device but can’t figure out how to display them properly on your website or blog, well I have found the solution without buying any software. With this solution you or your visitors can see the 360 photo and grab it to drag it around 360 degrees!


Sharing an embedded photo with

Here is another great example of showing off your 360/panoramic photos with FLICKR. With FLICKR you are able to embed just a single 360/panoramic photo onto your website and then when your visitors come to view it, they have the opportunity to share it!



Here’s a FLICKR Slideshow: It doesn’t embed it in 360, but takes you to FLICKR’s site to show you the 360 photos.
360 Photos: BackYard/Lake


Upload your 360 Photo to FACEBOOK. This works great! Much better than sharing a FLICKR 360 photo to FACEBOOK because FACEBOOK automatically will recognize that your photo is 360 and allow someone to grab-and-drag right within the FACEBOOK page.













HOW To Make 360/VR Panorama Photos with a DJI Drone.
The Drone APP: Litchi and the Pano Software PTGui make this a FAST and EASY Task!



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  1. Sebastián Maciel

    August 8, 2017 at 12:44 am

    Hi! I’m wondering how do you embed the script from Spinattic to your webpage, because can’t find the “embed script” or similar inside my tour. Thanks a lot!

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