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By on February 8, 2014
IP Security Camera Placement

Where Should You Mount Your Home Security Cameras?

The planning stages are very important when it comes to installation of your home security cameras.

Security Camera-Design-Plans-sketch

Home Security Camera Layout

When I moved into my new home I carried around a piece of paper with a sketch of my home and would modify it often as I thought of all of the different views that I may want to see from my IP cameras. These planning stages payout in the long-run.

Sometimes I lost my plans or changed them and just started all over again. My main goal was to have the least IP cameras as possible while having the best coverage of “key locations” around the house and property.

I know you’re thinking why not, have lots of cameras, just put one in every room? Well because the more ip cameras you have, the more broadband width you’re using over your home internet provider connection as well as your in-home wireless bandwidth (if your IP cameras’ are setup wireless).


IP Camera Layout – Planning Stages

With these reasons in mind, you can see why it’s best to be smart with the layout-plans of your ip camera coverage and determine the best possible spots to mount your home security cameras. You don’t want to sacrifice the connection of your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones around the house. Believe me, your spouse will be the first one to let you know “something’s wrong with the internet connection”, “it’s too slow!”.

Home Security Camera Placement

Take time to examine the best possible location for your wireless home security camera.

We’ve cover the ways to determine the best locations for your home security cameras. Another thing to think about is the proper height of your security camera. You’ll want to mount it high enough on your wall so that it’s out of reach from tampering. The closest to the ceiling is probably the best height if you don’t have the possibility of mounting the camera directly to the ceiling.

Here our some examples of my home security camera mounting heights and locations in the illustrations below.

IP Security Camera Placement

Home security camera style, location, and height play an important role for the correct location.

Take into account, the security camera style, the location, and the height, in order to determine the best possible location for maximum coverage.

Remember to chose the correct home security camera to meet your needs. They have different features, a variety of mounting brackets, and a tremendous amount of options. One thing I recommend, is to try and stay with one brand or similar brands when you’re ordering more than one or two security cameras. After all, you don’t want to spend the time mounting your different variety of home security cameras in your home and then download a nice iPhone or Android IP Security Monitoring app and find out only 1 or 2 of your security cameras are compatible to view in the app. This leads me to say, before you buy your home security cameras, research your app store and the apps available to view your security cameras. Make sure they support the make and model home security cameras you want to incorporate into your project.

If you have any questions about what kind of home security camera to buy, please read my other post in my website here:  What Kind Of Security Camera Should I Buy?

Another thing to keep in mind, which I did in my case, is the location of the nearest power outlet to plug my security cameras’ into. I chose to go wireless with my security cameras so I only needed a nearby power outlet to plug into and I didn’t need to run Cat5/6 network cable to my wireless security cameras. What a hassle that would have been!

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