Home Projects: Videos

It seems, I always have a project around my house. I guess that’s just a part of owning a home.

Some of the projects I do and post on my website here, may be after I’ve already completed them, but I try to schedule them in an order I can manage so that I can have my camera setup to record them. After all, that’s one of the main reasons for my website here. To share my experiences of home ownership and offer advice for others, like you, so you can make informative decisions about the projects you choose to take-on.


I have a list of projects to do around our new house. They might not ALL be covered on the website yet, but I’ll just give you a preview of my check-list:

  • Install and mount a motorized swing-arm wall mount TV bracket – oh, did I mention it’s remote controlled?
  • Install a push-button vacuum switch for our kitchen sink garbage disposal
  • Install the Venstar Touch Screen Thermostat (smartphone compatible)
  • Design and install garage storage/cabinet units
  • Installed ip Security Cameras
  • Installed the Samsung SmartThings hub with many devices
  • Installed the Open Mesh WiFi Home Access-Points
  • Purchased the Amazon Echo and Synced it to my SmartThings network 
  • STAY-TUNED . . . More to come