“Water Takes The Path of Least Resistance”

By on September 7, 2014
path of least resistance

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a wise man once told me….

path of least resistance

Son, what ever you do to make changes or organization within your life, remember that a man’s actions or reactions are similar to how water flows….

“water takes the path of least resistance”


Since then, I’ve remembered this very important message my father gave me and try to incorporate it into anything and everything I do.
I looked back at the home improvements and everything I’ve incorporated into my life before I learned this very important message and understood this is how I made many mistakes. By not incorporating this very “fundamental thinking” of this statement, I have sometimes complicated my life in the past, when I thought I had made an improvement.
So, remember, when you want to make an improvement within your home (or life) . . . . Make sure you’re not complicating things or the improvement won’t be functional and it won’t be used as you pictured it in your mind.

For instance:  If you create a unique pull-out wall dirty laundry hamper in the hallway, outside of your bedroom and your walk-in closet is inside your bedroom, you’ll probably end up throwing your dirty clothes on the floor of your walk-in closet rather than walk them out to the hallway to your unique, newly installed pull-out wall hamper.

It’s just little home improvements or enhancements like this that will take you one of your weekends to build and install, only to waste your time and efforts. So be sure you make the plans, draw them out, review them and re- review them! Make sure they will be absolutely used as you intended. Remember, us humans can be lazy when it comes to processes. Just like a lazy river….



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