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Every man loves the Garage (some cool women, as well).

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This is where I post ALL of the stuff that goes on in and around the Garage. This will include vehicles, storages, tools, and so much other cool stuff!

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Ahhh, the garage, where do I start?

First, let me tell you a little about my passion for vehicles. I love them!  

So my vehicles will definitely be stored inside my garage unlike a lot of others that like to use this area as a built-in storage space connected to their home. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll set it up for some storage to, but my vehicles will be in here also so I’ll have to work around them with the storage solutions I chose.

When I think of the Home Garage space, I think of a place to store vehicles and household tools.

I plan to share my garage storage solutions as well as security topics and hi-tech solutions you may incorporate into your home garage space. Stay tuned as I add these Garage Topics BELOW.

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