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By on January 24, 2014
ULTi-Mate Garage

Just to give you an idea of why I want a garage storage solution, here’s a couple of “before pictures” of my garage.


I really did some in-depth research on this solution for the storage in my garage. As a home owner for many years now, I’ve built-up an abundance of tools and household supplies. I want to make sure I can find all of the stuff I have when I need it the most!

When I was a younger home-owner I didn’t have the proper storage solution and I realized every time I needed something to work on a project, I could never find it. I knew I had bought it before, but I couldn’t locate it, so I seemed to always buy duplicates of everything (tools, tape, glue, sprinkler heads, washers, screws, etc.) This can get expensive and waste a lot of money!

Just for your information, I cheaped-out at our last residence and purchased a wardrobe unit on sale from Home Depot and assembled it in our garage for storage of larger items. The MDF/Particle board was only 1/2 thick-laminated in white and it just didn’t hold-up to the garage tools and stuff I wanted to store. The shelves started to buckle and sag. I guess that’s why it only cost $99 ON SALE and was meant for light-weight clothing! (my mistake)

This is why I want to make sure I purchase the best solution for my garage storage this time around.

After many hours of research (on-line), I found the best solution, as far as cost and quality. I think.ULTi-Mate Garage

I am going to purchase a garage storage package from Ulti-MATE.  They seem to have an above average quality and good selections of packages as far as the types of storage units you’re looking for. They even have an online design software program to help you layout your unique garage design and determine the storage units that you need to purchase.

Here is the link to their website:

Here is the link to their Garage Design Planner:


StudioInstall   Install03   Install02   Install01


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