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By on March 25, 2015

The tw HomeShow is an OFFICIAL Partner with Blue Iris Software

Buy from us with confidence and security!

Download_03What is Blue Iris?

Blue Iris is an amazingly easy to use video security software interface for video surveillance, monitoring, and recording. No need for the old fashioned DVR. With Blue Iris you can record and store your motion detected video security recording to the cloud or your hard-drive.

 Works with most IP Security Cameras and Webcams

                                View the List of Compitible Network IP Cameras
  • Accessible from Desktop PC, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.
  • Record and store your motion detected video all in one location.
  • Send email notifications to your mobile devices.

I use the Blue Iris Software and have been using it since 2010. I have tested so many video security monitoring software solutions and this one is, by-far, THE BEST!




Blue Iris (full) Keep an eye on your home, place of business, cars, and valuables. Watch your pets and your kids. Monitor your nanny, babysitter, or employees. Blue Iris is professional-grade software incorporating the latest video software technologies, including MPEG and Windows Media webcasting. Use up to 64 cameras (webcams, camcorders, network IP cams or analog cards). Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously. Overlay text and graphics. Use the built-in web server, or post to a website. Receive alerts via loudspeaker, e-mail, instant messaging, or phone.

SUPPORT:  You won’t be disappointed!

Read the FORUMS here at IP CAM TALK>

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You can DOWNLOAD it and test Blue Iris for FREE HERE!


camaraVideo Security

Keep an eye on your home, place of business, cars, and valuables; watch your pets or your kids; monitor your nanny, babysitter, or employees. Watch your door for mail, packages or visitors. Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously. Receive alerts via loudspeaker, e-mail or phone.

video_capture_logoVideo Capture

Use up to 64 cameras (webcams, camcorders, network IP cams, analog cards, or your PC desktop). Capture JPEG snapshots or capture movies in standard MP4, AVI, advanced DVR, or Windows Media file formats.


Overlay text and graphics. Use the built-in web server, or post to a website. Push to a Flash or Windows media server.


Cameras and Clips:

  • The initial view shows live views on the left, and a list of clips on the right and timeline below.Software Interface
  • Choose from equal video window sizes or one larger than the others
  • When you size the main window, the video images size with you.
  • Click on a camera view or clip to open it.
  • Use your mouse wheel to digitally zoom in and out.
  • A status bar at the bottom lets you know what Blue Iris is doing, and provides help when you pass the cursor over windows and controls.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) controls are supported for some IP cameras
  • Organize your clips into folders, and automatically archive them to the web, or put them into storage.


Clip Viewer

The Clip Viewer

There are controls for playback and stepping frame by frame. A position slider allows random access to any point in the video and a timeline view is available.

Digital Zoom and Pan functionality

Control the speed of playback (audio as well as video) and the audio volume.

Use the Blue Iris DVR file format to record to and playback video from the same file simultaneously.

Mark starting and ending points for playback, trimming, or video export.

Blue Iris Mobile

  • Mobile Access

    slide2-phoneBesides the built in mobile web site that Blue Iris comes with (web server), we also have mobile apps so you can bring your Blue Iris with you, anywhere! Our applications are available on Android and iOS. The features include, but are not limited to:

Manage multiple Blue Iris installations.

Control the traffic signal icon, schedule and profile selection.

Receive push alerts when a Blue Iris camera is triggered or there is a critical status message.

Fast H.264 streaming.

Control PTZ, IR and more for any camera that’s also controllable at the Blue Iris PC.

Listen to and talk to any camera that’s also supported at the Blue Iris PC.

Navigate cameras by tapping and swiping.

Review recordings as stored on the Blue Iris PC, up to 64x speed.

Selectively delete recordings from the Blue Iris PC.

Remote control DIO output signals on compatible devices.

Video Security FeaturesVideo Security

  • Use motion or audio sensing to trigger recording, or record continuously or periodically.
  • Overlay the current date/time as well as a logo or other information.
  • Optionally record audio.
  • Use a timer to determine when the system is armed.
  • Images may be captured as either JPEG images, MPEG movies or Windows Media movies (full version).
  • Receive alerts via loudspeaker, email, instant message, voice phone call (with automatic redial), or external program/script.
  • Run Blue Iris as a Windows service so that only you have control over its operation on a shared PC.
  • All passwords are stored encrypted.

Webcam FeaturesWebcam_03

  • Built-in multithreaded web server; supports authentication.
  • Broadcast MPEG, a JPEG image stream to a Java client applet, or,
  • Perform “true” webcasting using leading-edge Windows Media Technologies such as variable and multiple-bitrate encoding (full version).
  • View all cameras at once remotely.
  • PTZ controls accessible remotely in MPEG broadcast window.
  • Stream and seek through large clips remotely without downloading the entire file.
  • Detailed stats window.
  • Use Blue Iris’s powerful digital Zoom and Pan functionality remotely!
  • The default home page allows you to view all of your cameras and captured clips remotely; this page is easily customized.
  • Integrated “mini-browser” to test your home page.
  • Post images to a remote web server; maintain a ring of images; resize for use on cell phones and PDAs.

Web ServerWeb Server

  • Built-in web server enables you to bring your Blue Iris with you anywhere!
  • Remotely connect to your Blue Iris from anywhere in the world, from any web enabled device.
  • Desktop and mobile viewing.
  • View live cameras, recorded clips and alerts.
  • User authentication with permission based viewing.
  • Automatically adjusts if IP changes.
  • Detailed log.
  • Use Blue Iris’s powerful digital Zoom and Pan functionality remotely!
  • Access PTZ presets easily

Technology Features

  • Simultaneously use up to 64 video cameras (with full version).
  • Use USB webcams, DV camcorders, network IP cams (see list below), as well as video servers.
  • Use generic cards with DirectShow drivers, or better, the H.264 cards from and
  • Overlay text, timestamps, and alpha-blended graphics.
  • The highly-efficient Blue Iris DVR file format allows time-slip viewing.
  • DirectX integration provides smooth digital scaling.
  • DirectShow integration provides optimal capture performance.
  • Windows Media technologies integration (full version) allows capture into WMV format and Windows Media webcasting.
  • Multithreaded, optimized and rigorously tested code for optimal performance.
  • Geofencing: set/disable features, alerts, etc. when devices enter/exit perimeter.



BLUE IRIS SOFTWARE: Monitoring, Recording, Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.


Minimum requirements:

  • Pentium dual-core or equivalent 2GHz processor or better
  • 2GB or more system RAM
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or newer, or a server OS
  • One or more USB or Network IP cameras, or an analog capture card with DirectShow drivers

Recommendations when using many and/or HD cameras:

  • Intel core i7
  • 8GB or more RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 bit
  • Premium graphics adaptor
  • 7200+ RPM drives and/or SSD drive

Tested Network IP Cameras

  • 360 Vision Predator HD RTSP
  • 3S H.264 RTSP/HTTP
  • 4XEM E104, video port 6002
  • 4XEM MPEG4
  • 7Links IPC-710IR
  • 7Links PX-3677 MJPEG
  • 7Links Robocam 2
  • A-Link IPC1 JPEG
  • A-MTK AM9120M RTSP
  • Abus 7230
  • Abus TVIP1/20050
  • Abus TVIP20000-21550 H.264
  • Abus TVIP82100 RTSP
  • ACTi E77 RTSP
  • ACTi NVR H.264
  • ACTi video port 6002
  • Acumen Speed Dome
  • Agasio A502W,A512,A602/3W,A612/622W,M1050
  • Agasio A522/622W/632
  • Agasio A533W H.264
  • AirLink101 250W
  • AirLink101 310,650W
  • AirLink101 500W,747W,777W,IPC
  • AirLink101 600W RTSP
  • AirLink101 MPEG4
  • AirLive 200/325HD H.264 RTSP
  • AirLive 200/WL-2600 RTSP/HTTP
  • AirLive BU-3025
  • AirLive MD-720 RTSP/HTTP
  • AirLive MPEG4 port 8090
  • AirLive OD-2025/2060HD,WN-2600HD RTSP
  • AirLive WL-2000CAM RTSP
  • AirLive WL-350HD RTSP
  • AirLive WL-5420CAM
  • AL9603/9633/9643/9663 PT/Dome
  • ALinking MPEG4
  • Aliviz AS-H1023/1232
  • Allnet ALL2200
  • Allnet ALL2205
  • Allnet ALL2212 RTSP
  • Allnet ALL2282 MPEG4
  • Allnet ALL2288/95/98 H.264 RTSP
  • Allnet ALL2288 MJPEG RTSP
  • Alpha Networks RTSP
  • Alpha Pricing MJPEG
  • American Dynamics JPEG
  • Amovision AM-C7310/734/735/839 RTSP
  • Amovision AM-C745R,Q630M
  • Amovision AM-H685,736
  • ANC-600V MPEG4
  • ANRAN 408GW,AP2WA,AR-24W,AR-PTD22 port 34567
  • AOSHIDI AD-IP-7202MP port 34567
  • Aote MPEG4 RTSP
  • Aote S898bvE RTSP
  • APC NetBotz
  • APC NetBotz 455 JPEG
  • Apexis APM-H803 MJPEG
  • Apexis APM-Jxxx/6xx
  • Apexis H.264 RTSP
  • Aposonic A-CPM111L MPEG4
  • Approx APPIP01P2P
  • Aptina AR0331 RTSP
  • Arecont AV20185/8185DN JPEG
  • Arecont H.264 RTSP
  • Arecont JPEG
  • Arecont MJPEG
  • ArmorView RTSP/HTTP
  • ARVIO C2WA-C198,C0WA-C0D8
  • Asante MPEG4+audio
  • Asante MJPEG
  • Asoni 746 RTSP
  • Asoni/Hunt/INVID/Lupus RTSP
  • Astak Mole
  • Atrix DVR (video port 9000)
  • Avacom H60xx port 34567
  • Avacom H60xxW/AW RTSP
  • Avacom M1060W
  • Avacom M1080W
  • Avacom M20xxW
  • Avante SC200W
  • Avemia ONE port 34567
  • Avermedia H.264 DVR
  • Avermedia MPEG4 DVR (cam# in params)
  • AverMedia NC100 JPEG
  • AvertX RTSP
  • Aviosys
  • Aviosys 9060
  • Aviosys 9070/77 MJPEG
  • Aviosys 9070/77 MPEG4
  • Aviosys 9100/a/b
  • Aviosys 9310
  • Aviosys 9360Q
  • Aviptek PT5000
  • AVS Bullet/Uriel HD RTSP
  • AVS Uriel
  • AVTech AVC732
  • AVTech AVC739,785,787
  • AVTech AVD744C,KPD675C
  • AVTech AVI201/202/252 MPEG4
  • AVTech AVI252/AVN362/3/DVR2 H.264
  • AVTech AVI321/AVM328/365
  • Axcell
  • Axis 200+ MJPEG
  • Axis 205/6/7/9,211/2/3/4/5/6, 2120, other MJPEG
  • Axis 20x/21x MPEG4
  • Axis 207mw,211m,223m
  • Axis 2100 MJPEG
  • Axis 2100,2400/1,2420,Q7155
  • Axis 240/241Q MJPEG
  • Axis 240/241Q MPEG4
  • Axis M/P/Q series H264
  • Axis M/P/Q series MPEG4
  • Axis M1034/54/5014 MJPEG/G.726 32kbps
  • Axis M7010/14 H.264
  • Axis P7214 MJPEG
  • Axis Q1765,Q6032/4 JPEGs
  • Aztech WIPC302 MJPEG
  • Belkin MJPEG
  • BEWAN iCam 300 N
  • BlueJay MJPEG
  • BlueStork
  • Blunet ST208W
  • Bolide MJPEG
  • Bosch Dinion LTC0495,NWD495
  • Bosch EX85D8IP08B JPEG
  • Bosch NBC-225-P RTSP
  • Bosch NWC-0495/0800
  • Bosch RTSP/HTTP
  • Bowya PX802
  • BQ-NP4140H
  • Brickcom CB-101AP RTSP/HTTP
  • Brickcom RTSP
  • BSTI PD100
  • Bush Plus BU-1.3MCML7IR port 34567
  • Bush Plus BU-300WF
  • Bush Plus BU-500WF
  • BV Tech BV-IP110
  • BV Tech BV-IP120
  • C10002RW
  • C1002
  • C800ip
  • Cameye CE300K
  • Camsecure SK-IP8465MZ RTSP
  • Canon VB-C50/60
  • Canon VB-C60 MPEG4
  • Canon VB-C60/M40 MJPEG
  • Canon VB-Hxx RTSP
  • Canon VB-M40 RTSP
  • Canon VB-M600 RTSP
  • Cantonk H.264 port 34567
  • Celius IP18W MJPEG
  • Cellvision CAS-200, SOHO
  • Cellvision CAS-630 video port 5000
  • Channel Vision 65xx
  • Channel Vision W-1001/4001
  • Chinavision RTSP
  • Chivision
  • CIC 901W
  • CIP-06,STR9100
  • Cisco IPC-2300,2421,2500,2600 RTSP
  • Cisco IPC-6020 RTSP
  • Cisco PVC300, VC240 RTSP
  • Cisco VC220 MJPEG
  • CNB RTSP/H264
  • Compro RTSP
  • Comtac 9268
  • Conceptronic
  • Conceptronic C54 MJPEG
  • Coolcam
  • Cotier IPc-631/T13 RTSP
  • Cotier TV-652H/IP port 34567
  • Cotier TV-681H/IP
  • CP Plus H.264
  • CVYP-I271
  • Dahua H.264 RTSP
  • DaKang
  • Dannovo MegaPixels IPCam Series RTSP
  • DB Power HD011P HD
  • DB Power HD020P port 34567
  • DB Power JW0005,VA033K
  • DB Power MJPEG
  • DB Power RTSP/HTTP
  • DB Power VA03x
  • Defender DVR 21012 media port 9000
  • Defender SN300/502 DVR (media port)
  • Defeway RTSP
  • Dericam H201C RTSP
  • Dericam H201C/206C/602C
  • Dericam H206C RTSP/HTTP
  • Dericam H216/502/W
  • Dericam H601
  • Dericam M204W/M801W
  • Derytech RTSP
  • Digi-Lan TV7204/7217
  • Digi-Lan TV7240 RTSP port
  • Digicom W100
  • Digimerge DND13TL2 RTSP
  • Digimerge H.264 DVR
  • Digital Media MJPEG
  • Digitus DN-16027/36/7 RTSP
  • Digitus DN-16032 MJPEG
  • Digitus DN-16055
  • DLink DCS-900/920/930/2/3 MJPEG 11KHz
  • DLink DCS-900/920/930/2/3 MJPEG 16KHz
  • DLink DCS-900/910/920/931
  • DLink DCS-940L H.264
  • DLink DCS-942L H.264
  • DLink DCS-942L H.264 RTSP
  • DLink DCS-950/G web port
  • DLink DCS-950,1110 video port 5000
  • DLink DCS-2000,2100
  • DLink DCS-1130/2102/2121/3410 MPEG4
  • DLink DCS-2030/21xx RTSP
  • DLink DCS-2103,2210 H.264, G.726 32k
  • DLink DCS-2121/2130/5222 MJPEG
  • DLink DCS-2130/2132/2310/2332/5222/5605/5635/7010 H.264
  • DLink DCS-3110,6111 MJPEG
  • DLink DCS-3220
  • DLink DCS-3220/5220/5300/6620 MJPG
  • DLink DCS-3410 MJPEG
  • DLink DCS-3415/20
  • DLink DCS-3716 RTSP
  • DLink DCS-5010/20L H.264
  • DLink DCS-5010/20L MJPEG
  • DLink DCS-5222/5229 H.264
  • DLink DCS-5635 MPEG4
  • DLink DCS-6010/6511/6616 H.264, G.726 32k
  • DLink RTSP
  • DLink/Vivotek Vitamin Decoder Auto-Detect
  • DSE RN-606W RTSP
  • DVR-35SWF Smoke Detector RTSP
  • DVR-9008HV port 34567
  • DVRUSA Viewmaster
  • DvTel RTSP
  • Dynacolor H.264 RTSP
  • Dynamode CSA-230W
  • EasyCam MJPEG
  • EasyN
  • EasyN F2-611B JPEG
  • EasyN F2-M176 MJPEG
  • EasyN F3-M187
  • EasyN FS-618A-M136
  • EasyN H3-10R/105/187V/V10D/V132,HS-69x
  • EasySE F/I
  • EasySE H3e RTSP
  • EasySE M2 JPEG
  • Edimax H.264 RTSP
  • Edimax IC-1000, video port 4321
  • Edimax IC-1500/10 (video port)
  • Edimax IC-1510/3005/3010/3030/7000/7110 MJPEG
  • Edimax IC-9000 RTSP
  • Edimax MPEG4 RTSP
  • Edimax NC-213E RTSP
  • Edimax PT-112e RTSP/HTTP
  • Elec DVR port 34567
  • Elmo PTC-200 Series
  • Elro 7041cp
  • Elro 800IP
  • Eminent EM6561/64
  • Eminent MJPEG
  • Eminent RTSP
  • Empire ESC-IPC1 port 34567
  • Empire ESC-IPC2 Media Port 554
  • Encore
  • Enxun MIP-812A RTSP
  • Escam H.264 port 34567
  • Escam QF100
  • Esky C5700
  • Esky C5900 RTSP
  • Etrovision/EyeView, video port 1852
  • Etrovision EV6552R
  • EV9808 port 9001
  • EverFocus RTSP
  • Eversun TSI3200WN RTSP
  • Evocam ip001ptw
  • Evocam ip003ptz36h
  • Evocam RTSP/HTTP
  • EW1170L RTSP
  • Eye Sight ES-IP609IW
  • Eye Sight ES-IP809TW JPEG
  • Eye Sight ES-IP812S
  • Eye Sight ES-IP909/915IW
  • Eye Sight ES-IP9171IW
  • Eyeonet RTSP
  • EyeSpy247 PTZ
  • EyeSpy247 set channel 1/2/3
  • EYEsurv ESIP-MP1.3-BT1
  • Eyseo TV7230/40
  • ezCam-hdc
  • ezCam RTSP w/PTZ 59xx
  • ezCam Weather-proof 59xx
  • Fine CCTV ACM-V3002 RTSP
  • Fine CCTV RTSP
  • Fine CDV-3VM501 MJPEG
  • Fitivision 100a
  • Flexwatch 117x/3450 RTSP
  • Flexwatch 5450/70 MJPEG
  • Flexwatch MJPEG
  • Foscam FI86xx/98xx compatible
  • Foscam FI89xx/w compatible
  • Foscam FI9802/18/20/21 media port 888
  • Foscam FI9802/4/5/18/20/21/26/28/31 V2
  • Foscam MJPEG (no audio,PTZ)
  • FUHO FIB-T1600
  • FUHO FUM-T10
  • Fullview IP-D-H1834W-X10 RTSP
  • Gadspot GS800/NC800
  • Gadspot GS1000/NC1000
  • Gadspot GS1200/NC1200
  • Gadspot GS1600/NC1600
  • Gadspot GS200 (video port)
  • Gadspot GS2102V-8CH H.264 RTSP
  • Gadspot GS2x06 (media port)
  • Gadspot GS302i/303i RTSP
  • Gadspot GS4000/4600 (w/firmware change)
  • Gadspot GS9208E/GS9212E
  • Gadspot GS9211/9711
  • Gadspot GS9400BE
  • Gadspot GS9603
  • Gadspot GSN1250
  • Gadspot GSW3102
  • Ganz 785,787,etc.
  • Ganz PixelPro RTSP
  • Ganz ZN-D2024 RTSP
  • Ganz ZN-DT2MA RTSP with RTP/UDP
  • Geeya C801
  • Geeya JPEG
  • Genius IPCam
  • GenIV G4 RTSP
  • Genrui GR-NW4430W RTSP
  • Geovision GV-BL110D,BL320D,BX110D RTSP
  • Ginotek RTSP
  • Globeteck RTSP
  • go1984 MJPEG
  • Going GT-NC-M2WS/WR90C RTSP
  • Going GT-NMS-D2
  • Going X39C20M,X3PA70 RTSP
  • Golbong GB-HD3171RL RTSP
  • Gotake GTK-Hxxx RTSP/HTTP
  • Grandstream GXV26xx/3500/36xx RTSP
  • Grandstream GXV3501/4 RTSP
  • Grandstream JPEG
  • Grandtec Grand IP Video Server
  • Grandtec JPEG
  • Grandtec MJPEG+Audio
  • Granvista RTSP
  • GT-NC-160 MPEG4
  • GV IC T01 via Vitamin Decoder
  • GV-NC-102DO/GV-SD200 H.264 RTSP
  • Hama M360
  • Hawking HNC210/30/90 port 4321
  • Hawking HNC3W/5W/720G/32xx MJPEG
  • Hawking HNC300
  • Hawking HNC320W MJPEG
  • Hawking HNC720G
  • Hawking HNC8000
  • Hawking HRPC2-B
  • HeeToo HT8260 MJPEG
  • Hikvision DS-2CDxxxx RTSP
  • HIKVision DS-6716/7204/7608/7616 RTSP
  • HIKVision other RTSP
  • HiSilicon Hi3507 RTSP
  • HiStream RTSP
  • HOKVS port 34567
  • Honeywell H.264 RTSP
  • Honeywell MPEG4 RTSP
  • Honeywell WO RTSP
  • HooToo (Foscam PTZ)
  • HooToo HT-IP210HD MJPEG
  • Huacam HCV701/802/822 RTSP
  • Hunt HTP-3MG28D
  • i-Catcher
  • iBaby M3
  • iCamera 1000 RTSP
  • ICRealtime DVR RTSP
  • ICS-1013,1310
  • iCamView CM-03 JPEG
  • iCamView other JPEG
  • iControl iCamera-1000
  • iGuard 380/90E
  • Imporx RTSP
  • INSTAR 290x,30xx,4010
  • Insteon 75791
  • Intellinet 501583, Video Port 4321
  • Intellinet 550260/277/437 MJPEG stream
  • Intellinet 550468 video port
  • Intellinet 550710/03/34 video port
  • Intellinet IDC-757IR RTSP
  • Intellinet JPEG
  • Intellinet MPEG4, using MJPEG mode
  • Intellinet MPEG4 video port 40001
  • Intellinet NSC15,NBC/NFC/NFD/NVS30 MJPEG
  • Intellinet NSC15,NBC/NFC/NFD/NVS30 MPEG4/RTSP
  • Intellinet NSC6/NSC16/NFC31xx H.264/RTSP
  • Intellinet NSC16/NFC31xx MJPEG
  • Internet Eye M6840 RTSP port
  • IP-N606W RTSP
  • IPC H.264 port 34567
  • IPC-S5030-TF
  • IPCC-10801 RTSP
  • IPCC-2001W

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