CFL Light Bulb Replacements: DON’T DO IT!

By on April 21, 2015

LED Light Bulb SavingsThe CFL Light Bulbs are a FAIL!

BUT, The LED Light Bulb is a GREAT house-hold product to incorporate into your home in this year of 2015 and beyond….

Before this new LED household saving bulb, do you remember the CFL bulbs?  ugh… what a waste of money, if you tried these bulbs…

FIRST, Let me take you back a few years, BEFORE the household LED light bulb…the CFL light bulb that was going to be the new wave of the future for household savings…CFL-Bulbs-NO SAVINGS

In the past, I have fallen into the light bulb savings hype by the means of the ALL NEW “CFL” (Compact Florescent Light Bulbs) craze. Boy was I tricked by the manufacturers on that hype!

UGLY CFL Light Bulb...ughI remember the year I invested approximately over $200 on a few packs of the CFL light bulbs and placed them in my all of my ceiling can lights within the garage, kitchen and living room. What a JOKE!

They were advertised to get something like “100 times” the lifetime of a standard incandescent light bulb as well as reduce the wattage by marginal. Oh yeah, and they were uglier too.

Here are my results/opinions of my experience with CFL Light Bulbs:

  • The CFL light bulb replacements burnt out within a years time, one after the other.CFL-Bulbs-NO SAVINGS
  • I didn’t notice a significant savings on my monthly electric bill.
  • As far as reducing the wattage, I noticed when I flicked the light switch ON, the CFL bulbs would be dim in the room until the CFL light bulb would warm up to full wattage after about 1 minutes time.
  • Not to mention, if you have to dispose of the CFL bulbs, you practically have to call in a hazmat team. You’re not supposed to throw Florescent light bulbs into the garbage due to the gases they contain.

AFTER this, I said NO MORE!

I’m ONLY using the STANDARD, incandescent light bulbs in the future. They cost a couple of dollars each and they last a long time plus, I didn’t even see a savings from the CFL light bulbs. Hell, I spent more money on them because they burnt out quicker! What a SCAM, I thought. They GOT ME!


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