Add a 2nd Actiontec MI424 Wireless MoCA Router

By on December 19, 2013
Add another Actiontec Router

I found a great instructional piece on a forum the other day when I was researching how I was going to equip my new, larger home with a broadband network provided by Verizon FIOS. I found the article here:

It’s a great find so I thought I’d give it a try. . . I purchased a second-hand Actiontec Verizon MoCA Wireless Router on eBay. I think it cost me approximately $35. I recently moved into our new home and have actually tried this method, with success.

The first weekend we moved in, my wife was on our back patio and mentioned the wireless signal was very weak on her tablet. I noticed the same. I had barely 1 to 2 bars at most showing my wireless connection signal strength.

Now, keep in mind we moved into a 2-story home with the Verizon FIOS (Actiontec MI424WR) located in our office at a front room in our home.  Our back patio is a good 50 to 70 feet to the rear of the home. Not only did I try this method to add a stronger wireless signal for our tablets and laptops, but for our wireless IP cameras that we have placed around our home.  When using this method and locating your 2nd Actiontec router near your HDTV, you also gain 3 more cat5 network ports for internet TV and games and streaming movies!

I tried the directions found on the forum and found that I had to modify the order of some of the steps. I’ll list the order below that finally worked for me. You can also see the video of me actually performing this procedure on my Network – Videos Page.

Here’s the order of steps I took hooking up my second Actiontec MoCA wireless router to my broadband Coax network:

Using a MOCA router (Actiontec MI424-WR, Westell 9100EM) as a MOCA LAN bridge.

actiontec wireless router MoCA

actiontec wireless router MoCA

  • 1) You will need to reconfigure the remote router, BEFORE you connect it to the coax.

    • Perform a hard reset on the Actiontec to restore factory defaults.

    • Connect a PC to a LAN port of the Actiontec.

    • By default, DHCP server should be enabled on the Actiontec, so no need to set a static IP address on the PC.

    • Login to the router at


  • 2) If your primary router’s broadband connection is provisioned over coax, you need to disable the remote router’s coax WAN connection to prevent it from attempting to become the primary router.

  • If your broadband connection from the ONT to your primary router is ethernet, this step is unnecessary.

    • Login to the router at it’s new IP address.

  • Click on the MY NETWORK icon at the top.

  • Select NETWORK CONNECTIONS from the menu on the left.

  • Click on Broadband Connection (coax)

  • Click on DISABLE

(If you’re using the Westell 9100EM as the remote router, the Westell does not have a button to disable the Coax WAN interface. Instead, follow the directions in this post: »Re: Using second Westell to get Ethernet from Coax-

  • 3) Change the remote router’s LAN IP LAN address. This will allow the remote router to be accessible at a known IP address for admin purposes.

    • Click on MY NETWORK icon at the top

  • Click on NETWORK CONNECTIONS on the left menu.

  • Click on Network (Home/Office)

  • Click on the Settings button

  • On the IP ADDRESS line, enter an available IP address on the same subnet as your primary router (e.g. or

  • Select IP Address Distribution

  • Select Network (Home/Office)

  • In the IP ADDRESS DISTRIBUTION pull-down, select DISABLED.

  • Click APPLY

  • The router will reboot


  • You may or may not want to disable the wireless section in the remote router. If you leave it enabled, you should set the SSID to the same as your primary router, and set it to use a different channel. This can extend the wireless range of your primary router.


  • 4) Connect the remote Actiontec to the coax (you may need a 1Ghz 1×2 splitter).



Having completed, any devices connected to the MOCA bridge should now be able to get an IP address from the DHCP server in your primary router and connect to the internet.



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