Home Security IP Camera System

By on December 6, 2013

ez210PTOD Wireless IP Camera – Dome Style

HOME SECURITY – Going ALL Wireless with my IP Cameras

For my home security I will be using wired and wireless ip security cameras (I plan to have approx. 6 security cameras). I’ll be using a mix of the ip cameras. I prefer the outdoor dome camera (model ez210ptod) because I like that it is a dome camera, so visitors, wanted or unwanted, really don’t notice when you pan and tilt them. I’ll be using a couple of these inside the house as well as outside.

ez60 B-Series

ez60 B-Series


Another wireless camera I’ll be using is the ez60 B-Series.  I like this for mounting upside down under the cabinet area in the kitchen. There, it will be tucked away and kind of unobtrusive.  It’s also a pan and tilt design that gives me the flexibility to monitor a larger area when I need it.


Blue Iris:  Camera Monitoring Software

Blue Iris: Camera Monitoring Software

IP CAMERA SOFTWARE – Blue Iris Monitoring Software

I swear, the best ip camera software is Blue Iris Camera Monitoring Software.  You can’t go wrong by choosing this as a way to monitor and record on motion detection. It’s the best out there!

I plan on posting an overview of my experience with the Blue Iris Software in the near future. Stay tuned because I’ll have it on this website when I take you through it, showing you all of the features it has to offer.

What I like about Blue Iris Software:

  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • It works with the majority of security cameras on the market today.  The developer is always adding more makes and models of cameras.
  • Your able to upload your security video captures to most cloud drives (ie; Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive)
  • You can find the smartphone/tablet within the APPLE App Store or the GOOGLE Play Store (search for “Blue Iris”)
  • It doesn’t have to work along with your IP Camera’s crappy internal software. It pulls your camera feed, or any camera feed, into the Blue Iris Software
BLUE IRIS: Free Trial

BLUE IRIS: Free Trial

If you’re interested in the Blue Iris Software, I have an exclusive – FREE Trial Version.  Just click here to DOWNLOAD the FREE Trial of Blue Iris Software.  If you like it, you will have the option to purchase it at a later date!  Don’t worry, there is no obligation to purchase this software.  This is just a FREE trial that has some minor, temporary restrictions in order for someone like you to test it out with your camera make and model.